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Fees & Charges
Type of Charge Charges
Processing Fees 1.0% of Loan Amount against residential property 1.5% of Loan Amount against non-residential property
Legal Opinion Charges, SRO Search Charges, ROC Search Charges, Non-Encumbrance Certificate from SRO charges NIL, included in the Processing fee
Transaction Handling charges in Balance Transfer / Resale Commercial Property Loans Rs. 2500/-
Technical Valuation charges Rs 750/- (non-Home Plans)Nil on Representation of ECS / PDC
Late Payment Charges 24% per Annum of Outstanding EMI
PDC/ECS Swapping charges NIL
Compliant handling Charges NIL
Retrieval charges for Copies of loan /property document in IB custody Emailing of Scan Copies: NIL Physical copies with IB attestation: Rs 500/-
Charges for Statement Of Account / Amortization Schedule Rs.200/-
Registration Charges for Borrowers'ECS Mandate (loan repayment) NIL
Interest Certificate in non-Home Loans NIL
Charges for Certified True Copies of Title Deeds from SRO, if applicable. As per Actual

Stamping charges of loan Agreement
Actual, subject to state laws-where fixed charges irrespective ofloan amount: provided by IB-where ad-valorem charges as a function of loan amount: to be procured by borrower directly.
Stamping charges of other legal documents like Indemnity Bond, Legal Undertakings,Legal Affidavits, Personal Guarantee Bond, Power of Attorney for NRI Home Loans etc. As per Actual, subject to state laws-to be procured by borrower directly
Original property documents retrieval for specific activity like production at SRO or Development Authority (on borrower request) Rs. 5000/-
Database Admin Fee Rs 650/- (inclusive of service tax)
Type of Charge Charges
Processing Fees up to 5%
Loan foreclosure/pre-payment charges >6 months: 5%
Rate of Interest 11.99% onwards

Bounce charges
For Salaried: Rs. 400 per bounce
For Self Employed customers: Rs. 750 per bounce
Late Payment penalty 3% per month
Stamp duty charges for loan documentation As per applicable laws
Duplicate NOC Rs. 500 per request
Repayment mandate/instrument swapping charges Rs. 500 per request
Loan Cancellation Charges Rs. 3000
Loan Re booking charges Rs. 1500
Statement of account charges Rs. 500
Duplicate Repayment Schedule Rs. 500
IVLR 15.90%